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kindle2_05I have heard and seen these digital book readers before. The Sony Reader was the one I was able to look at, nice kind of reminds me of a Palm. So do I like the whole idea? Sure why not save the trees right. No really we are in a world we everything is turning digital and there are several other types of medias doing these types of things already. With its non-lit background it makes an easy read on your eyes. Can’t really say I am surprised that Amazon is taking a ride on this bandwagon either.

There are several other features that are available with the Kindle, supposedly Kindle owners can send files to Amazon to be published so that they are available on the device. You are also able to access blogs, newspapers, web-based email and websites through the Kindle’s browser. I am not too much of a bookworm myself but if I were I think this would be a nifty thing to have around.  No more book selves and annoying bookmarks or do people even use those anymore…hmmm. I was reading some forums while writing this and lots of people disagree with the hole concept the fact that it is digital turns them off. I can understand how people might not like that fact that it is not very tangible, when it is a real book you at leased have an idea of were you are and how much longer you have to go. How about the fact that its only in PDF format why not HTML or DOCs, or that they start at $360 ouch. Some even comment that it is too big and not pretty enough; really how small do you want this thing to be you are supposed to be reading off it for more than 5minutes you would think. A lot of people seem to like the way Sony designed their Sony Reader better. Others have growing innovative suggestions like text books being available on it, games, of course because we totally need more devises that give us the ability to play games. Really I though this devise was to get us more involved in our reading.

So how many books can fit on this thing at one time? Will with 256mb of internal memory you could approximately store 250 standard books, which would be 768pgs printed book. But if 250 books is not enough there is an SD slot built into it, so eat your heart out with a 16GB SD card.


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