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Huaxi City Centre

City Centre

City Centre

Thought this was pretty awesome. The things the Chinese come up with still amazes me. I don’t think we well ever catch up… The architecture of these particular buildings is it something we have to look forward to, either way in my eyes not till the far distant future. The tall building in the center looks like one huge molded sheet of glass I can’t even wrap my mind around how that is even possible. I guess that is for the architect to figure out, which I assume they already have. MAD the architectural company behind this gathered a group of glass and concrete designers from 11 different international architectural companies together to design a vision for the city centre of Huaxi a city in Guiyang, China. The city is known for its beauty and landscapes. Each architect came up with a design for a building then took all the designs put them together and this is what they got. Over all the whole look of the buildings, the center is gorgeous. Not too sure about the totally see through one, really no privacy.


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  1. * Reni says:

    those buildings design is soooo sick o,o omg.. i can’t believe it’s happening in asia lol even if i’m asian. o,O still impressed

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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