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Cool Blog Designs

Came by a neat article about 40 blog designs. Blogs can be so much more than a page for people to comment or write about things that interest them and that they want to share, they are also another means of a website for someone.

Design Inspiration for blogger


Combine and build a Social Home

About a week ago two of my friends and myself were talking about how cool it would be to have all your social networks on one page. Its funny how you really are never the only person who has that one idea. Never new it already existed!

Now everyone can do it…

No Matter What You Say I Still LOVE My Mac

Watch  this video even if you are a Mac lover like myself. Its pretty funny and there are some true things that are said. I don’t want to start a Mac vs PC war here on my blog but I have been a heavy Mac user for 5 years now and I still see the pros.

New style to the Rubik’s Cube

pantone-rubik-cubeI can’t say I have been successful in completing the Rubik’s Cube Challenge or even own one for that matter, but I do want to own the Pantone Coloring System Rubik’s Cube, Concept Art.  Brings back memories in designing for print.

Potato Linux, Linux Potato….

linux-potatoSupportable it was Linux 15th birthday yesterday and I came across some of its fond memories from its childhood. I am speechless…. I know this isn’t the first time a potato and science/technology have worked together but wow Mr. Potato Head has another thing coming.


bustedteesb8cca00514cce2f814cf17d86d15d5371I was looking on “BustedTees” this weekend. Anyway came across this t-shirt and I LOVE IT why because I am total dyslexic its true, dyslexics represent lol I think I am going to have to pay the $20 or so and get this t-shirt.

Karma, it’s bitter sweet…

844923003447Love it.. Nothing better than wearing the ingredients to Karma on your shoulder haha 😉

Customize your Jones Soda(MyJones)

grpshot1Customize your Jones soda with your own picture and quote. I have known about this for a while and have wanted to do it, total potential for a fun gift… They have 11 flavors to choose from and for $30 you can get your own custom 12 pack. You decide!!! Other than the soda which is really good they have a cool website that has lots more, including a contest were you can send in a photo and if your photo wins it well be seen on the next bottle of Jones Soda in stores.

Check it out..

Huaxi City Centre

City Centre

City Centre

Thought this was pretty awesome. The things the Chinese come up with still amazes me. I don’t think we well ever catch up… The architecture of these particular buildings is it something we have to look forward to, either way in my eyes not till the far distant future. The tall building in the center looks like one huge molded sheet of glass I can’t even wrap my mind around how that is even possible. I guess that is for the architect to figure out, which I assume they already have. MAD the architectural company behind this gathered a group of glass and concrete designers from 11 different international architectural companies together to design a vision for the city centre of Huaxi a city in Guiyang, China. The city is known for its beauty and landscapes. Each architect came up with a design for a building then took all the designs put them together and this is what they got. Over all the whole look of the buildings, the center is gorgeous. Not too sure about the totally see through one, really no privacy.


kindle2_05I have heard and seen these digital book readers before. The Sony Reader was the one I was able to look at, nice kind of reminds me of a Palm. So do I like the whole idea? Sure why not save the trees right. No really we are in a world we everything is turning digital and there are several other types of medias doing these types of things already. With its non-lit background it makes an easy read on your eyes. Can’t really say I am surprised that Amazon is taking a ride on this bandwagon either.

There are several other features that are available with the Kindle, supposedly Kindle owners can send files to Amazon to be published so that they are available on the device. You are also able to access blogs, newspapers, web-based email and websites through the Kindle’s browser. I am not too much of a bookworm myself but if I were I think this would be a nifty thing to have around.  No more book selves and annoying bookmarks or do people even use those anymore…hmmm. I was reading some forums while writing this and lots of people disagree with the hole concept the fact that it is digital turns them off. I can understand how people might not like that fact that it is not very tangible, when it is a real book you at leased have an idea of were you are and how much longer you have to go. How about the fact that its only in PDF format why not HTML or DOCs, or that they start at $360 ouch. Some even comment that it is too big and not pretty enough; really how small do you want this thing to be you are supposed to be reading off it for more than 5minutes you would think. A lot of people seem to like the way Sony designed their Sony Reader better. Others have growing innovative suggestions like text books being available on it, games, of course because we totally need more devises that give us the ability to play games. Really I though this devise was to get us more involved in our reading.

So how many books can fit on this thing at one time? Will with 256mb of internal memory you could approximately store 250 standard books, which would be 768pgs printed book. But if 250 books is not enough there is an SD slot built into it, so eat your heart out with a 16GB SD card.